Submit to S.W.V.

I would really, really love to put your work on this site. After all, that’s what it’s for. If you’re interested in letting me do that, read over these quick guidelines.

  • S.W.V. accepts creative nonfiction, personal essay, critical review, literary analysis, etc., as long as it is about the music of the Mountain Goats. If you’ve written fiction about characters or places that appear in the Mountain Goats discography, cool. If you’ve written fanfiction about real people, please don’t send it to me.
  • Art is very cool and I would like to see it. Photography, illustration, sculpture, film. Anything goes, as long as it’s appropriate. Along that line, try not to make art about real people that would make those people uncomfortable.
  • I feel that there are enough places where people can share covers of tMG songs, so I’m not going to put those here. If you make your own music video for a song, feel free to send it.
  • I know this isn’t a professional or widely-read publication, but my name is on it (kind of). That means that I’m going to be a little bit discerning about what gets published. I’m not going to turn you down because I don’t like your work, but I will if I get the feeling that a lot of people won’t like your work.
  • When you submit something, feel free add a little biographical statement, too. Link to your blog or your Twitter, if you want. Keep it short. You’re also welcome to not give me a name and your work will be published anonymously.

Now that you’ve read (or skimmed)(or skipped) the guidelines, email me at this address (or if you know me personally, feel free to Facebook message me) with the subject line “SWV Submission” with your name and bio in the body and your work attached.